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All about Poured...

Poured opened in 2014 in Mansfield, Texas, as a dream of two people who just kept bumping into each other in a lot of different ways. And so it began... Poured is an extension of the living room where you can come on a quiet date for a glass of wine, enjoy a night out with the girls, or have a party that will keep them talking for months! Our goal is to educate customers about wine & beer and elevate their palates to enjoy a wide variety of wine from different grapes and appellations. There are so many things to learn about wine, and although we've learned a lot, we learn along with you. We also carry craft beers from local breweries as well as other microbreweries from around the country.


For our menu, we have developed some fun small bites for you to enjoy. All of our foods pair nicely with our wide variety of wines & beers!


To contact us, please feel free to email us at We look forward to seeing you soon!


A little history.... Carroll has a culinary arts degree and worked for a well-known local chef for seven years. After having her first child, she stepped out of the kitchen and worked in the nonprofit world. While she loved the mission of the nonprofit organization, her passion for the food & beverage industry never went away and Poured was the perfect opportunity for her to go back to her love of the industry!


Carroll is the sole proprietor of Poured and along with great staff, is still pouring for our wonderful customers!


The day we signed the dotted line!

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